Ever wonder how one property for sale stacks up next to another? Would you like to be able to compare properties for sale to properties that have already sold? Well, you can right here on this site!

Go ahead search for a property and sign up for MLS Property Finder. MLS Property Finder will allow you to search comparable properties and even search sold properties. You can even put them in a handy grid to stack them up next to each other for an easy visual.

Once you have signed up for MLS Property Finder search for any property. Then when you want to compare the property to others go ahead and click the compare button across the top of the listing sheet. Here is an example of what it looks like:

You can compare to sold properties, refine your criteria by town, bedrooms, price and more.

This is just one of the reasons why searching for homes on this website is easy, quick and provides you all of the necessary information when looking to making a purchasing decision.

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