Birds represent freedom and hope. Their voices are uplifting, inspiring. Hummingbirds,robin, plover, sparrow, swallow and cardinals are a few beautiful birds that you can attract to your home if you install a bird bath. You’ll wake to a distinct bird song or call as more birds discover your back yard to be a safe haven.

Varieties of bird bath options

Bird baths add décor to the exterior of your home, especially if you clean the bath once a week or as needed. Concrete, marble, copper, resin, cast stone and polymer are material types that bird baths are made with. Smaller bird baths are made of thick glass.

There are a range of colors and shapes that you can get bird baths in. As an example, you can install white, green, yellow, blue or gray bird baths. Square, round and cascading are shapes the baths are made in. A cascading bird bath may have three to four different baths on it.

Think about the numbers of birds you want to be able to bath in the bath simultaneously. The larger the numbers of birds you want to attract to your yard, the larger bath size you want. Baths need to offer enough room for birds to flap and clean the space between their feathers. Avoid bird baths that hold too much water, as small birds could drown if there’s too much water in the bath.

Heated bird baths come in ground and above ground designs. The baths operate off of electricity and solar energy. Regarding their designs, many baths are built with an accompanying stand. If the bath that you want doesn’t have a stand, ask the store clerk to recommend a stand for you.

Bird bath accessories

Also, get a thermostat if you’re installing a heated bird bath. Modern designs have built-in thermostats. That shared, should you live in a mild climate area, you may want to forego a heated bird bath and thermostat.

On the other hand, if temperatures where you live dip below 40 degrees, a heated bird bath could be a welcomed luxury by your favorite pets. You could get a heated bird bath that keeps water from freezing even on days and nights when temperatures get down to as low as 20 below zero.

Bird bath fountains can sprout water from the middle or side of the bath. With a cascading bird bath, fountains send water gently flowing from dish to dish. Fountains keep water moving. But, fountains don’t eliminate the need for you to refresh bird bath water.

Attract enough birds to the bath and you’ll have to regularly clean the inside and outside of the bath itself. Keep birds safe by choosing a bird bath that doesn’t have a slick surface. Birds need to be able to move around on the bath safely. Ask a store clerk how birds respond to different types of material before you buy a bird bath.

You might have to check with your homeowners association or another housing agency to see if you need to get approval to install a bird bath, especially if you’rethinking of installing a bath that operates off of electricity. Definitely place bird baths out of the reach of cats and other neighborhood pets. To really be a hit with neighborhood birds, hang a bird feeder in your back yard.

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